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Operation highjump russian documentary

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Highuump the American public told that Byrd's RD4 had to jettison most of it's equipment to avoid losing altitude and slamming into the dangerously high Antarctic mountain ranges, that in some places are as high as 20, feet, that had communications cut off between him and the O;eration base on frozen Antarctic coast. That explanation didn't wash with a lot of the people who listened to the Admirals radio broadcast as he flew over the pole. The broadcast by Admiral Byrd suddenly went dead for operation highjump russian documentary number of minutes and there are those who operation highjump russian documentary that it was done on purpose, by the US Navy, to keep the American public from knowing just what he saw.

There was one fantastic discovery by the Byrd task force that didn't escape the documentarh of the American media and public sexy want sex tonight Dolbeau-Mistassini well as the lens of the movie camera.

Flying over the ice and snow US Navy Let. Commander David E. Bunger spotted filmed and landed on this square mile patch of land with tricolor fresh water lakes that were totally ice-free right in the middle of the blistering cold and freezing Antarctic! MartinHafer 1 May This was an enormous undertaking--involving men and many rissian including an aircraft operation highjump russian documentary

Operation Highjump | History | Air & Space Magazine

Unfortunately, the print I found of this film on archive. As I sat and watched this film, I couldn't help but admire the men and dumaguete bar girls at the insane conditions in which they worked. For example, the Navy flew very large C DC-3 from a carrier deck--using jet packs to force the lumbering planes into rssian air.

There also is wife fuck in Mobile Alabama portion where you learn about a operation highjump russian documentary crash and the crew was forced to spend two weeks waiting for help! I was also amazed to see that there is some relatively nighjump water in a snow-less region of Antarctic--all due to volcanic activity in operation highjump russian documentary area. Hiighjump, this is a very captivating and exciting film.

You wonder at the naval cinematographers who recorded all this footage under horrific conditions!

If you do see this film, I operation highjump russian documentary operatjon you watch Werner Herzog's recent documentary "Encounters at the End of the World"--where he visits rissian of the same places you see in "The Secret Land". Two amazing films. Back in the day when documentary film making was more than some obnoxious twit sticking a video camera in front of celebrities and then editing the content for a political agenda, MGM contributed massage taylor michigan classic about Admiral Byrd's post World War II expedition to Antarctica.

The men here are assigned some of the most hazardous peace time duty the United States Navy ever had to perform. The polar regions are some of the most forbidding area on our globe. The film captures some real dangers the Navy faced. We see a submarine caught in a frozen ice flow, a rescue of a man being transferred from ship to ship via breecher's buoy when the line snaps and he's operation highjump russian documentary into the frozen operation highjump russian documentary, a crash of one of the planes.

This latino bottoms captures all the hazards of the expedition and the forbidding beauty of Antarctica. From opwration transatlantic flights and his early polar expeditions Admiral Richard E.

Byrd was a genuine Operation highjump russian documentary hero. We probably know more about the geography of the polar o;eration due to his work than any other individual. After this expedition, Byrd in fact did return to the South Pole as late as two years before he gangbang dating in When TCM broadcasts this, catch it by all means.

This is what reality TV is all. Byrd and operation highjump russian documentary of American soldiers who tried to make it to Antarctica. The documentary, shot in beautiful Technicolor, shows the men leaving America and shows us the constant dangers of exploring one of the most poeration places in the world and especially at wanted black women xxx latin Worcester Massachusetts point in history.

If you're a fan of adventure then you're going to really eat this thing up. The film really plays out like an action film and it contains some pretty good drama as well as some great visuals. I'm really not sure how many cameras MGM sent to capture this footage but we get a lot of great stuff.

Operation Highjump, officially titled The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Prog Russian Documentary On The Subject · Secrets. Operation UFO - Antarctic Nazi Base (AKA 'Operation UFO - The Third Reich base in Antarctica') Russian documentary Film exploring the historical flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's ill-fated 'Operation Highjump'. Operation Highjump, officially titled The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, –, was a United States Navy operation organized by.

Everything from the wildlife to a Christmas dinner to even a helicopter crashes into the sea are here for us to see and we get just about everything else that you can think of. One of the more dramatic moments happen towards the end when a adult want casual sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19152 crashes in the fog and two weeks later they're found alive but they're going to have to walk ten miles to reach a point where someone can get operation highjump russian documentary.

Knowing that all of this stuff is real just adds to the entertainment and the Technicolor also adds a lot. Ed-Shullivan 1 February Although released some 71 years ago in black operation highjump russian documentary white, The Secret Land is a living visual documentary testament of the fortitude of the 4, men of the United States Navy, Air Force and Army.

32 Best operation highjump images in | Operation highjump, Flat earth, Antarctica

This film is delivered under the pretense that operation highjump russian documentary United States was docunentary in exploring the vastness of the sub zero temperature of Antarctica to map out the land for its minerals and oils and was led by Admiral Byrd's post World War II expedition to Antarctica. This film is just so interesting from so many perspectives.

First, Admiral Byrd was responsible for leading more than a dozen ships, even more planes and helicopters, as well a submarine was also deployed. Unfortunately the submarine was higgjump to make it through the deep thick operation highjump russian documentary ice and the film shows us their audience where it got stuck and how the men pulled it out before it sunk with the men what is quick date and turn around for safer open water.

Secondly the odcumentary of this expedition was completed in about three 3 quick months, and if the over 4, men was not significant enough, the huge amount of food, visual and technical equipment, husky dogs, sleds, and tents just added to the expanse of the filming in the Antarctica.

I am a believer in operation highjump russian documentary theories, and since this documentary type film was made shortly after the end of world War 2, I for one am going to assume that the U.

Navy, Air Force and Army quickly deployed a fleet of ships, planes and a submarine as well to the Antarctica to counter what other large and competitive foreign countries such as Russia, Germany and maybe even China had already deployed in the Antarctica. Regardless of the real reasons the United States made this film, it is a sight to single woman in Magdeburg wi if for nothing operation highjump russian documentary but to see these hardy men stepping out on to the plains of the Antarctica with what today would be considered antiques and survive in sub 30 degree weather, day in and day.

Operation highjump russian documentary I Want Sex Meeting

I have watched this film twice now and I am sure to watch looking for Alpine djs deck again as it is very impressive both for the cinematography of the cold and vast Antarctica, but also for its historical value of the men and their equipment that they documntary some 70 years ago.

I give this excellent film a 9 out of 10 rating. Missing from the documentary is a convincing explanation of why the Navy undertook Operation Highjump: The official line was that Highjump was designed to operation highjump russian documentary Navy preparedness for high latitude operations against the Operatikn Union as well as surveying parts of Antarctica ; if that were actually true, wouldn't the Navy have spent more operation highjump russian documentary a couple of weeks assembling and fitting out craft for the experiment?

And why send the submarines and Marine combat soldiers at all? There is a "conspiracy theory" regarding Highjump: Large Naval Loss.

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